Outdoor entertaining


While we highly recommend checking out the local vineyards for an alfresco meal, there’s options for dining outside at the house too.

There’s two barbecues:  one on the deck looking out at The Hazards mountain range across Great Oyster Bay …and another, larger BBQ in the funky “shipping container” in the yard.   It WAS a shipping container.  Now it is home to not just a BBQ, but couch and chairs, a TV and media player (bring some movies or tunes on a USB stick and be thoroughly entertained), some party lighting, sink, and a little outdoor fireplace (because toasting marshmallows or warming your toes on the BBQ isn’t quite the same).

The beach is seconds away and always inviting for a picnic (pick up some fresh bread at the bakery in Swansea.   …if the tide is right you can walk there along the beach from the house).