Kookaburra sits

In Tassie, wildlife abounds.

Some of it bounds.    Some of it flies.

The yard and trees around the house are regularly visited by lots of birds.   This kookaburra was kind enough to pose right in front of the house and low enough that I could snap a good picture.

I only wish I could say the same thing about the swift Eastern Rosellas (the rosella picture here is from wikipedia contributer JJ Harison).  While they regularly visit the yard, they like to stay a little higher in the treetops or fly past at such speeds that it appears as though a rainbow was shot out of a cannon.

Then there’s the yellow-tailed black cockatoos.  Wow.  Flocks of 15 to 20 of these birds flying low overhead is stunning.    If the rosellas are like a synchronised aerial stunt team, the cockatoos are akin to a squadron of bombers: loud and unmissable.